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House -
Brookline, MA

Living room from library stairs
photograph by Warren Pattersom


Library from living room
Photograph by Blaine Bershad


Sun-filled dining area
Photograph by Blaine Bershad


Master Bathroom - bath/shower/toilet room
Photograph by Blaine Bershad


Size: 3800 sq. ft.

Program: Renovate an eight year-old two-story home that is part of a condominium association, to accommodate the lifestyle of a couple who collect art and sculpture. Specific requirements:

Larger dining area to allow for seating of up to twelve people.

A chef's kitchen for a serious cook.

As much wall space and shelving as possible for the display of art, pottery, and book collections.

The project began with a simple program, but after work started, problems were discovered with the original construction quality that required new mechanical systems and additional structural elements. We moved all of the stairs to create a more open and direct circulation pattern for a flexible living space. Glass enclosures and railings provide maximum visual transparency. Mirrors and glass block maximize the available light in spaces that have few windows. BDA coordinated with a lighting professional and interior designer to make sure that the project goals were met. The result is a gracious living space that complements the client's art collection and sophisticated lifestyle.

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