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Condominium - Renovation
Charlestown, MA

Boston Harbor view from entryway, looking through kitchen and entertainment area

View toward entry from main living area
Photography this page by Will Sherwood


Size: 2000 sq. ft.

Program: Combine two adjacent condominium apartments into one living unit. The larger of the two units looks out over Boston harbor from the sixth floor of the building.

Specific Requirements:

Open living space with entertainment, sitting, and dining areas, and new kitchen.

Generous master bedroom suite, including workout room, with careful design attention to the bathroom and closet areas.

Additional bedroom for extended guest visits.

Flood the apartment with natural light

Emphasis on harbor view from the entry and main living areas.

The original layout of the condominiums created a warren of dark isolated spaces. We combined the two units and opened the living space out toward the harbor. Soffits and dropped beams enhance the sense of airiness, as well as light-colored millwork and Italian glazed tile. Materials both unite the spaces and lend a hierarchy to the progression through the unit.

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