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- Renovation
Needham, MA

New bath adjacent to snooker room


Art display area at top of stair on 3rd floor


Entry hall view of main stair and walkway above
Photography this page by Will Sherwood



Size: 14,000 sq. ft.

Program: Redesign existing structure, opening up small, isolated spaces to meet the lifestyle demands of a contemporary couple. Constructed on over three acres in the 1920s, the grounds and building had not received attention for many years.

Specific requirements:

Master suite with two separate bathrooms and dressing areas.

Better circulation flow to accommodate large parties.

Large, open kitchen.

Entertainment room for bar and snooker table.

Video editing room and new office space.

New mechanical systems.

Landscaping to increase lawn area.

The location of the existing structural walls defined the organization of the floor layout. We then removed most of the intermediate walls to enhance the sense of continuous movement from one room to another. Architectural elements were designed to unify the spaces; the railing details and frosted glass panel doors are repeated throughout the house. We used landscaping to provide both the interior and exterior environments with a sense of privacy.

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