A versatile artist, who also is a portrait, documentary and still life photographer, he has spent years perfecting his nighttime work. Mr. DiRado (born 1957) lives in Worcester, Massachusetts where he is on the faculty of Clark University. His photography has been exhibited and published many times, mainly in New England.


School of the Worcester Art Museum, Certificate, 1976-79,
Massachusetts College of Art, B.F.A., 1981


85 - Present
Studio Lecturer in Photography, Clark University, Visual & Performing Arts Department, Worcester, Massachusetts

AWARDS (Partial Listing)

1991 Fellowship, Massachusetts Artist Foundation, Beach People
1991 Fellowship, New England Foundation for the Arts/National Endowment For The Arts, Beach People
1991 Cultural Assembly of Greater Worcester "ArtsWorcester" Juried Exhibition. Awarded: Best of Show. Still Life
1989 Finalist, Ruttenburg Foundation Award, The Friends of Photography, San Francisco, CA, Beach People
1987 Fellowship, Massachusetts Artist Foundation, Mall Series
1986 State Finalist, Massachusetts Artist Foundation, Mall Series
1983 State Finalist, Massachusetts Artist Foundation, Photo Constructions

COLLECTIONS (Partial Listing)
1999 DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, Lincoln, Massachusetts ( 2- Celestial Photographs )
1999 Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas ( 1- Photograph, Tara )
1998 Fidelity Investments, Boston, Massachusetts (5 - Celestial Photographs )
1997 Polaroid Corporation, Dallas, Texas ( 2 - Celestial Photographs )
1997 Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Houston, Texas ( 1- Beach People Photograph )
1995 DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, Lincoln, Massachusetts ( 2- Beach People Photographs )
1994 Lamar Dodd Art Center, LaGrange College, LaGrange, Georgia ( 1- Still Life Photograph )
1993 Worcester Historical Museum, Worcester, Massachusetts ( Worcester Scene Portfolio )
1992 The Vineyard Museum, Edgartown, Massachusetts ( 3- MV Photographs )
1992 Danforth Museum, Framingham, Massachusetts (1- Beach People Photograph )
1987 Atlantic Union College, Lancaster, Massachusetts ( 1- Party Series Photograph )
1986 Worcester Historical Museum, Worcester, Massachusetts ( 2- Shhrewsbury Street Photographs )
1984 Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, Massachusetts ( 2- Bell Pond Photographs )

2000 MTA, Transit for Arts, Penn Station, New York City, New York, "Celestial Photographs"
1997 The Afterimage Photograph Gallery, Dallas, Texas, "Nighttime"
1996 Fletcher/Priest Gallery, Worcester, Massachusetts, " Celestial Photographs"
1995 The Toledo Museum of Art, Clement Gallery, The University of Toledo, Department of Art, Center for the Visual Arts, Toledo, Ohio," Beach People"
1994 Laelia E. Mitchell Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts, "Beach People and Still Lifes"
1994 The Vineyard Museum, Edgartown, Massachusetts, "Beach People"
1994 Fletcher/Priest Gallery, Worcester, Massachusetts, "10 Years Of Photographs"
1993 University Art Gallery, Uuniversity of Massachusetts Dartmouth, North Dartmouth, Massachusetts, "Jacob's House"
1992 DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, Lincoln, Massachusetts," Beach People"
1991 Akin Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts, "Photo Constructions"
1990 University Gallery, Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts, "Beach People"
1988 Atwood Gallery, Worcester, Massachusetts, "DiRado/Bishop Collaboration"
1988 Campus Center Art Gallery, Fitchburg State College, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, "Untitled Still lifes"
1987 Gallery 35, Worcester, Massachusetts,"Jacob's House"
1986 Bartlett Gallery, Atlantic Union College, Lancaster, Massachusetts, "Stephen DiRado Photographs from 1983 - 1986 " 1986 Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, Massachusetts, "Galleria Series"
1986 Philadelphia Art Alliance, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, "Galleria Series"
1984 Grove Street Gallery, Worcester, Massachusetts, "Bell Pond, Portrait of A Community"

2001 Dorsky Gallery, (SOHO) New York City, New York, "Celestial Photographs"
2001 Robert Klein Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts, " Night Light"
2000 Gallery Bershad, Somerville, Massachusetts, "Naked and Nude"
2000 Fletcher/Priest Gallery, Worcester, Massachusetts,"3: Stephen DiRado, Meg Landers and Mari Seder"
2000 The Afterimage Photograph Gallery, Dallas, Texas, "Still Lifes"
1999 Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts, University Gallery, One Earth/Two Views: S. DiRado and R.Rosenstock
1997 Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Houston, Texas, "MFA, Houston: Recent Acquisitions"
1997 Center For Contemporary Arts, Abilene, Texas, "Zoners"
1996 DeCordova Museumand Sculpture Park, Lincoln, Massachusetts, "DeCordova Collects Photographs"
1995 Danforth Museum, Framingham, Massachusetts, "Facing the Lens: Photographic Portraits from the Museum Collection" 1994 Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, Massachusetts, "The Figurative Impulse"
1994 LaGrange National Biennial XVIII, LaGrange College, Lamar Dodd Art Center, LaGrange, Georgia
1994 The Newton Arts Center, Newtonville, Massachusetts, "Rooms With Views: Body, Nature, Culture, Politics"
1993 Photographic Resource Center, Boston, Massachusetts, "The New England Biennial 1993"
1993 James R. Bakker Gallery, Provincetown, Massachusetts
1993 Fuller Art Museum, Brockton, Massachusetts, "Seventh Triennual Exhibition"
1993 Fitchburg Art Museum, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, "Self-amused", The Contemporary Artist as Observer and Observed.
1993 Akin Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts
1993 Worcester Historical Museum, Worcester, Massachusetts, "The Worcester Scene"
1992 Fletcher/Priest Gallery, Worcester, Massachusetts, "PHOTOPLUS"
1992 Higgins Art Gallery, Cape Cod Community College, "Baring Up" Embodiment of Strength and Spirit
1992 Danforth Museum of Art, Framingham, Massachusetts, "New England Photographers' 92"
1992 Akin Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts
1992 Boston Center For The Arts, Boston, Massachusetts, "1991 NEFA/NEA Regional Fellowship Exhibition"
1991 DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, Lincoln, Massachusetts, "Land, Sea And Sky: Maps In Contemporary Art"
1991 Bartlett Gallery, Atlantic Union College, Lancaster, Massachusetts, "Expressive Alternatives-Photography"
1990 Akin Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts, "Small Works", Photo Construction
1990 Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, Massachusetts, "MASSACHUSARTS Exhibition"
1990 Akin Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts
1989 Robert Klein Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts
1988 Massachusetts Artist Foundation Gallery, 1987 Artist Fellowship Exhibition
1987 ZONE Arts Center, Springfield, Massachusetts, Juried Exhibition, Awarded: Best of Show
1985 Walt Kuhn Museum, Cape Neddick, Maine, "Stephen DiRado/Ron Rosenstock"
1984 Bartlett Gallery, Atlantic Union College, Lancaster, Massachusetts, "Tradition and Experiment"
1983 Lily Iselin Gallery, Providence, Rhode Island

2000 Black and White Photography, Manifest Visions/An International Collection, James Luciana, Quarry Publications
1995 Feels Like Home, Fond Remembrances in Words and Pictures, Cheryl Moch/Allan Gurganus, Algonquin Books
1987 The Collections and Programs of the American Antiquarian Society, A 175th Anniversary Guide
1986 THE DARKROOM BUILDER'S HANDBOOK, Stephen DiRado/Carl Hausman, Tab Books, Inc


Artist's Statement

Iím married, 40 years of age and a hopeless romantic. Iíve been making photographs for 24 years! Iím a photo professor at Clark University, teaching (students have been teaching me) for 14 years! I live a life that is passionately submerged and dictated by Art through the medium of Photography. Everything around me: friends, family, and environments are all consumed by my curiosity and questions, recorded by my camera. Iím an inept commercial photographer but make sales through galleries. Here are a listing of some of my past and present portfolios: Bell Pond, 1983 Photos of a poor inner city community. Galleria Series, 1984-86 Photos of mall habitat; Beach People and Dinner Table Series, 1987-present, photos, dynamics of interpersonal relationships. I also make images (on my days off) of just about everything around me Ė dead or alive. On an average year, Iíll shoot about 2000 8X10 sheets of B&W film and end of with 30 or so images that came close to what I see. Recent photo interlude! 35mm, 3200 TMAX photos of Comet Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp!

Lately I have been focusing on my Dinner Table Series; narrative photographs of people conversing and sharing food around the table.



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