My photographs are about...
seeing my world as if I were running past it in a dream...
looking at something so hard and so long
that I didn't see it any more...
I am seeing my feelings and my thoughts outside my self.

Donald Greenhaus began his photographic career in 1950, when at age nine he picked up his father's 4 x 5 Speed Graphic camera and started making images. He gained acclaim in the 1960's through his photographs of Lou Reed with the Velvet Underground. He has been involved in photography projects with Robert Altman, Walter Cronkite, the BBC, and others.

Greenhaus' photographs are in the collections of The Brooklyn Museum of Art, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Sevilla, Museo de la Ciudad, Barcelona, The Smithsonian Institution's Museum of History and Technology, as well as The Museum of the City of New York. His public collections include the Centro de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona, La Fundación Cultural Banesto, La Fundación Cartier, and the Floating Foundation of Photography.

Blindspot Magazine featured photographs from Greenhaus' In-Between Time series, a project culled from thousands of film rolls he began in the late 1960's and continues today. These photographs have been published in Editions Atlas 1998 (France), Culture Front in 1998 and 1996, Popular Photography 1996, Time, Life, New York Magazine, Interview, and Ms.. He was commissioned in 1993 by La Fundación Cultural Banesto (Spain) to create two books of his photographs of Barcelona and Seville, for their Images From the End of the Century project.

Greenhaus has served as a visiting artist at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and as a faculty member at the New School for Social Research. He has taught and lectured extensively, at venues which include: Columbia University, Empire State College, and Jersey City State College.

Solo exhibitions of Greenhaus' photographs have been held at the Thomas McCormick Gallery, 479 Gallery, and the Metro Gallery, among others. His group shows include Rosenberg + Kaufman, Steven Gang Gallery, The Puffin Room, and the Chamot Gallery.

Donald Greenhaus resides in New York City, where he continues to photograph the surrounding architecture and, on the occasion of their 25th reunion tour, The Velvet Underground.


1999 Thomas McCormick Gallery Chicago, Illinois
1997 Metro Gallery New York, New York
1997 479 Gallery New York, New York
1994 Palm Gallery Brooklyn, New York


1999 Rosenberg & Kaufman New York, New York
1999 Art 1999 Chicago at Navy Pier Chicago, Illinois
1998 Stephen Gang Gallery New York, New York
1998 The Puffin Room New York, New York
1998 Space Untitled Gallery New York, New York
1998 Chamot Gallery Jersey City, New Jersey
1998 The Courthouse Gallery, Anthology Film Archives New York, New York
1998 Art Director's Club New York, New York
1997 John McEnroe Gallery New York, New York
1997 Alinder Gallery Gualala, California


Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Sevilla Sevilla, Spain
Museo de la Ciudad, Barcelona Barcelona, Spain
Brooklyn Museum Brooklyn, New York
Smithsonian Institution Washington, D.C.
The Museum of the City of New York New York, New York
Centro de Cultura Contemporaneo de Barcelona Barcelona, Spain
Fundacion Cultural Banesto Madrid, Spain
Fundacion Cartier Paris, France
Floating Foundation of Photography New York, New York


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