1975-1979 Regis College Weston, Massachusetts


1985-1989 Applied Ceramics Instructor, Regis College Weston, MA

1998 Applied Arts Instructor, Wellesley College Wellesley, MA


1997 Judy Goldman Fine Art, Newbury Street Gallery Boston, MA

1995 Armenian Library and Museum Association Watertown, MA

1994 Jewett Art Gallery, Wellesley College Wellesley, MA

1985 Washington Plaza Hotel Gallery Washington, D.C.

1984 Katchadourian Gallery Saddle Brook, NJ

1982 Nahigian Gallery Belmont, MA

1981 Paul VI Gallery Silver Hill, MD

1981 Armenian Apostolic Church of St. Mary Washington, D.C.

1979, 1980 Walters Gallery, Regis College Weston, MA

1979 Bentley College Waltham, MA

Artist's Statement

Artistic Process

Jeanne Hablanian constructs her works slowly by layering small coils of clay on top of one another. Her works are inseparable from the act of creation, "the clay feels like it is growing, ready to change. Each touch is a decision whether to go up or down, in or out" and the clay reacts to every imprint Hablanian makes. She employs: bottle caps, wooden screws and hacksaw blades, and other impediments to score and pierce the clay. In some works she deliberately under fires the clay to create a visibly porous texture on her ceramics. Their subtle colors are created through the watercolor Jeanne applies to the tactile surfaces.

Hablanian's emotional expressiveness is evident in every aspect of her creative process. Her treatment of clay creates asymmetrical, organic shapes, each as rough and individual as a natural object, hinting at a cycle of fiery destruction, rebirth, and the relationship this artist has to her clay.

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