Bill Hayward has been featured in international solo exhibitions since 1979. He is currently at work with Rizzoli publishers on his second book of photography and a video documentary of its production, both due in December 2000. Hayward has works in the collections of: The Portland Museum Of Art, The Ernst Haas Memorial, Chase Manhattan Bank, and many international venues.

Hayward's extensive background in photography and painting drew him to digital media as a means to visually merge his interests. The images exhibited at Gallery Bershad are culled from two series: the mixed-media self portraits and The Quality of Objects: The American Way of Memory.

The self portrait figures embody disconnection between the male physical body and internal psychology. By partially masking the photographs with paint, Hayward occludes their three dimensionality and physical depth. Hayward suggests they are "an attempt to find more words for the body, to speak more honestly about the body."

Juxtaposed with these explorations of the body, The Quality of Objects images visually explore environments through assiduously crafted objects. In the Voyager series, Hayward creates three inch rafts and boats that hold tiny anonymous figures. He then photographs the scenes and scans them for further development. Hayward uses the digital medium to manipulate the images, thereby creating scenes that speak to the isolation rampant in our commodified age.


1998 Galerie Markus Richter Potsdam, Germany
1997 Fischhaus Potsdam Potsdam, Germany
1996 Galerie Pons Paris, France
1994 The Foster Goldstrom Gallery New York, NY
1991 Zero-One Gallery Los Angeles, CA
1989 Art Kane Photographic Workshops Cape May , NJ
1987 Ted Greenwald Gallery New York, NY
1985 The Photography Gallery, Drew University Madison , NJ
1983-89, 98 The Maine Photographic Workshops Rockport, ME
1980 Gallery, Books & Co New York, NY
1979 The Reinhold Brown Gallery New York, NY
1979 The New York Municipal Arts Society Gallery New York, NY

1999 Marlborough Gallery New York, NY
Irene Nikolai Gallery New York, NY
DNA Gallery Provincetown, MA
Monique Goldstrom Gallery
1998 Portland Museum of Art Portland, Maine
Galerie Markus Richter Potsdam, Germany
Frankfurt Art Fair Frankfurt, Germany
1997 Galerie Markus Richter Potsdam, Germany
1996 Knickerbocker Gallery New York, NY
1995 Frankfurt Art Fair Frankfurt, Germany
Wustum Museum of Fine Arts Racine, WS
The Foster Goldstrom Gallery New York, NY
1994 UNESCO Paris, France
1992 Wustum Museum of Fine Arts Racine, WS
1991 Bridgewater Lustberg Gallery New York, NY
Zero-One Gallery Los Angeles, CA
1986 Bakalar Gallery, Photographic Resource Center Boston, MA
California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo, CA
1985 "American Photography" London, England
Riverside Dance Festival New York, NY
1989 BILL HAYWARD. Paglia Press New York, NY

Portland Museum Of Art Portland, Maine
The Ernst Haas Memorial Collection
Chase Manhattan Bank New York, NY
Banx-Films Los Angeles, CA
Samatta Design Chicago, Illinois

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