"Klumpar's work is exciting… in addition to having visual appeal, it is so provocative. The measure of it grows and expands as we look at it, think about it, and let go of our ideas of what glass ought to be."
 - Gloria Russell, Sunday Republican


vladimira klumpar has exhibited her glass sculptures in venues throughout Europe and the United States. Her sensuous glass and multi-media pieces engage a dialogue between contradictory elements; blending delicate glass with reinforced plaster. The sculptures' voluptuous curves reflect Klumpar's intimate relationship with nature and contrast with the elements' cold smooth surfaces. The animated effects of light and reflection in the glass charge the simple clarity of her forms with optical energy.

She attended the School of Glass art and the Academy of Applied Arts and Architecture, and has been actively displaying her glass and mixed-media sculpture since the early 1980's. Klumpar received the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant (1997), The New England Artist Foundation Fellowship (1991) and the Massachusetts Artist Foundation Fellowship (1991). She has had solo exhibitions at: The Heller Gallery - New York, Holsten Gallery - Palm Beach, Sanske Gallery - Zurich, and the Drury Gallery at Marlboro College. She has been a part of invitational group shows at: Sandra Ansley Gallery - Toronto, Compozition Gallery - San Francisco, Boston Center for the Arts, Habatat Gallery - Detroit, Groll Gallery - Nuremberg, Rob Van Doel Gallery - Hague, Dan Klein - London, and Exempla - Munich. Klumpar's sculpture is in the collections of: The Museum of Art - Liberec, Museum of Glass - Jablonec n.Nisou, Corning Museum of Glass - Corning, and the Lannan Foundation - Palm Beach.

"Vladimira Klumpar's delicately powerful sculptures combine a play of light and dark, soft and hard, dark glass against white shells, volumes and undulating planes that evoke a sense of softened constructivist formalism." 
                        - Michael Boylen, Glass Magazine


1967 - 1973 BA. School of Glass Art Zelezny Brod, Czechoslovakia

1974 - 1981 M.F.A. Academy of Applied Arts and Architecture Prague, Czechoslovakia

Studied under Professor Stanislav Libensky


  1. Pollock – Krasner Foundation Grant

1991 New England Artist Foundation Fellowship

1991 Massachusetts Artist Foundation Fellowship


  1. Sculpture and Drawings Drury Gallery Marlboro College, Vermont

1993 Installation of Glass Sculpture and Drawings

The Canal Gallery Holyoke, Massachusetts

1991 Heller Gallery New York, New York

1991 Holsten Gallery Palm Beach, Florida

1990 Sanske Gallery Zurich, Switzerland

1989 Habatat Gallery Chicago, Illinois

1988 Holsten Gallery Palm Beach, Florida

1984 Heller Gallery New York, New York


1995 - 1988 Glass America Exhibition at Heller Gallery New York, New York

1995 - 1988 Annual Glass Invitational Exhibitions

1995 Holsten Gallery Stockbridge, Massachusetts

1994, 1990 Sandra Ansley Gallery Toronto, Canada

1993 Compozition Gallery San Francisco, California

  1. Massachusetts Artist Foundation Award Recipients Exhibition

Boston Center for the Arts Boston, Massachusetts

Gallerie Society of the Arts and Crafts Boston, MA

1991, 1990 Annual International Glass Invitational Exhibitions

Habatat Gallery Detroit, Michigan

1990, 1989, 1988, 1984

Annual Glass International Exhibitions

1990 Holsten Gallery Palm Beach, Florida

1990 Composition Glass Gallery San Francisco, California

1989 Fire & Ice Piedmond Gallery Salem, N.C.

International New Art Forum Exhibition Chicago, Illinois

Small Scale Detail - Habitat Gallery Detroit, Michigan

1984 Gallery Gotchalk – Banz Frankfurt, Germany

Czechoslovakian Glass - UMPRUM Museum Prague, Czechoslovakia

1983 Groll Gallery Nuremberg, Germany

Rob Van Den Doel Gallery Hague, Holland

The Glass Sculpture Exhibition Brno, Czechoslovakia

Karolina Gallery Prague, Czechoslovakia

  1. International Glass Symposium-UMPRUM Museum Prague, Czechoslovakia

Dan Klein Gallery London, England

Czech Glass Erfurt, Germany

Exempla Munich, Germany


Museum of Art Liberec, Czech Republic

Museum of Glass Jablonec n.Nisou, Czech Republic

Corning Museum of Glass Corning, New York

Lannan Foundation Palm Beach, Florida

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