Making photographs is one of the ways I process my emotional life. Producing images allows me to reconcile my place in the world, and establishes a visual vocabulary for my thoughts and desires. This current group of pictures is a continuation of the work I began with the Alphabet Project. The Alphabet project began as simple concept to produce a site specific figure study based upon the letters of the alphabet. Imposing the alphabet as a matrix for my exploration of the male figure presented both the freedom of the idiom, and the challenge of physically reproducing shapes not commonly associated with the human structure. The place Provincetown. The Alphabet completed, I realized aesthetically I had only begun what was potentially a larger study of the figure. I could view the body as form, without the hindrance of identity, as an integral part of the environment. The imagery is fueled by the photographic tradition of the PAJAMA group, Edward Weston, Harry Callahan, and Herb Ritts. The goal, to make arresting images that could be viewed independently, or as a cohesive body of work. I am indebted to many people for there continued support and appreciation of my endeavors, most notably Frank Considine, David Carrino and Roland Smart. The images are a collaborative effort and I wish to acknowledge my models Edouard Marquis, Brian Reitz, David Frank, Winthrop Booth and Timothy Fristoe without whom these images would not exist.       Michael Lynch
"Cause there, at the garden verge, I will pull you up in hope again
No more second thought will crowd you out of your desire
To be loved, not touched, to be blameless and ecstatic again
This is all there is, no knowledge is too much to bear in the end"

"Charming", words and music Jonathan Brooke

"To embody the transcendent is why we are here"

"The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying", Sogyal Rinpoche
"Neither god nor demon,
I now live in your

"Saltimbanco", a production of Circque Du Soleil 1992-1993


Solo Exhibitions
1999 The Alphabet Project, The Schoolhouse Center Provincetown,MA

Group Exhibitions
2000 Naked and Nude, Gallery Bershad Somerville, MA
New Work, The Schoolhouse Center Provincetown, MA
Seeds of Inspiration, Provincetown Art Association
Contact 2000, Cambridge Multicultural Center Cambridge, MA
Portraits of a Century, Boston City Hall Boston, MA
PRC Member's Exhibiton 2000, The Photographic Resource Center
The 11th Annual Massachusetts College of Art Benefit Auction
1999 The 10th Annual Massachusetts College of Art Benefit Auction Boston, MA
1998 Work, The Schoolhouse Center Provincetown,MA
The 9th Annual Massachusetts College of Art Benefit Auction Boston, MA
1997 The 8th Annual Massachusetts College of Art Benefit Auction Boston, MA
Jamaica Plain Open Studios, Boston Photo Collaborative Jamaica Plain, MA

1987 Massachusetts College of Art Boston, MA
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography
Graduated with Honors and Distinction

1988 School of the Museum of Fine Art
Teacher's Assistant, Advanced Photographic Printing
with Jim Dow and Elaine O'Neill