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Provincetown,   Massachusetts   USA
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Ed Crane    Artist's Biography


Ed Crane is a painter and an actor who was born in a working class section of Cambridge, Massachusetts, where from an early age he exhibited talent in both art and performance. In his need for self expression, Ed has flexed both creative muscles for over twenty years. 

Ed feels Provincetown is fertile ground for creation, providing much of the inspiration for works in multiple mediums -- gouache, watercolor, lino blocks, assemblage and oils.


           Art is too serious to be taken seriously.                -- Ad Reinhardt (1913-67) U.S. artist


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Emerson College, Boston, 1996
University of Massachusetts/Boston
Harvard University
Truro Center for the Arts
Provincetown Art Association
Fine Arts Work Center
Art Students League
Boston Center for Adult Ed
Weathersly Art School (London)


Provincetown Art Association
Screen Actors Guild



Provincetown Group Gallery             June, 1997
Provincetown, MA

Mildred O’Neil Library                 October, 1996
Cambridge, MA


Provincetown Group Gallery             Summer, 1996 &
Provincetown, MA                           Summer, 1997

Icon Gallery                               Summer, 1996 &
Provincetown, MA                     Summer, 1997

Book Store Restaurant
Wellfleet, MA                         Winter, 1997