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Although we hope you'll come to visit us in person, our web tour will acquaint you with some of our artists and current showings.   Please let us know your feedback and comments/suggestions.

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Aris Logothetis

aris_pamet-t64.gif (4669 bytes)  Pamet Athenaeum $3500 1997                 logothetis-art-t.gif (13982 bytes)Goggle eyed and Afflicted Mixed Media 24"x24" $1500



Timothy Basil Ering

ering1t.gif (6222 bytes) Booze,Booze,Booze 18"x24" 1996 $1900  

Louis Kozma

kozma1-t.gif (3126 bytes)


Will Sherwood

my lovers hands (7330 bytes)My Lover's Hands 1997 Kodak TMAX

Sky Power

heart(4915 bytes)  In the Concave of my Heart 11"x14" 1995     

 Southwest Wind(4190 bytes)Southwest Wind, 1994 $550



now represented by Gallery Bershad
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