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Blaine Bershad, BA, M Arch - Principal Architect

Blaine was interested in spatial experiences and construction from an early age and was encouraged by his parents. He enrolled at the University of Illinois for his undergraduate degree, during a period where design was taught with strong physiological connections. Blaine learned that architecture could be designed to heighten the user's sensory experiences. The school also provided a solid foundation in the technical requirements of building.

After graduation, and a year of travel around the country, Blaine entered in the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University, completing a 3- year program in an intensive two years. The GSD provided him with a deeper understanding of architectural theories.

His formal education completed, he moved to Vermont to gain construction experience. He became an owner in a construction company and built private residences, condominium projects, state highway bridges, and underground town reservoirs. He became quite involved with design-build projects, and was a part owner in a development company as well.

Eventually, Blaine decided to more closely pursue his passion for architecture. He received his license and established his own architecture firm in 1988. This firm was involved in commercial and residential restorations, new homes, and small commercial projects. He moved from Vermont to the Boston, Massachusetts area and since then has been designing detail-oriented projects, including high-end residences and unique commercial projects.

With a long history of design and construction, Blaine has had the opportunity to work with many different types of clients. This experience has helped him to understand how important high-quality communication is to a positive client relationship. The use of 3D computer modeling software allows his clients to experience architectural solutions before construction begins. Blaine's designs are well attuned to his client's needs and promote an efficient construction process.

Blaine first used 3D computer modeling software in 1988. He has constantly invested in upgrading the visualization tools of the firm. Today, the firm uses Arris CAD software, by Sigma Design. Bershad Design Associates has even developed some of the most valuable modeling tools that are currently in use in this software.

His design philosophy is rooted in considering how environments and spaces are actually experienced in three dimensions. 3D modeling software helps Blaine to create spaces that are layered with form and light, always considering the experience of moving through space. Wherever possible, Blaine uses natural light, ecological construction methods and materials, and high quality / low maintenance construction.

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